Sunday, November 04, 2012

The hurricane aftermath in NYC

Headline after headline after headline after headline speaks about the horrific conditions in NYC following Hurricane Sandy. Residents of the city are crying for help from the Obama administration and seem shocked that more help isn't forthcoming

But why should The One respond?

NYC, and all of the Northeast are what's called a captive constituency. They will vote for Obama on Tuesday no matter what. So why should he bust his hump saving their sorry asses when he has more important things to do?

Like win Ohio.

This is the problem a State finds itself in when the people of that State show slavish loyalty to one political party. There's no reason for that party to rush to the rescue of that population; no reason to expend political capital on them when they're already won over to the party. We see this whenever California gets into a jam too. The party the majority re-elects without fail will mouth comforting words, but do nothing. They don't have to. They will get re-elected no matter what. And so it is with New York City and the rest of the Northeast. They will vote for Obama on Tuesday, even if they are starving as they vote.

And Obama knows this.