Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Jill Stewart also writes about Hahn's "Tin-ear-itis".

Jill Stewart from NewTimesLA.com writes this feature piece on Li'l Jimmy Hahn's attempts to keep the Valley part of LA. I suppose that I can understand why he doesn't want us to leave. Most vampires object to dinner getting up and leaving.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Sleazier things have happened in Sacramento, but not much sleazier. The Democrats pulled a fast one in the dead of night. One of the loonier bills in the hopper this year was AB1058; the so-called SUV tax. This bill would allow faceless bureaucrats to impose taxes "as necessary" to curb CO2 emissions. (Never mind that there's really no proof the CO2 does any of the harm listed in the bill!) AB1058 ignited a storm of protests from the "rabble". (Most politicians would refer to this group as their constituents, but this is California!) So AB1058 went down in CO2 -laden flames. So do the whackos in the Democrat Party back down? Of course not! They gutted an unrelated bill, AB1493, and transplanted the guts of AB1058 into it. This legislative Frankenstein then passed the State Senate. On the Assembly side, a hearing was required to pass the bill. So to meet this requirement, the Assembly Dems held the hearing in a broomcloset of an office. The Creature passed and is on its way to Gray-out Davis' desk. Perhaps if we all pitch in for a large enough bribe donation, he'll veto it for us.

Link to the FreeRepublic.com thread.