Sunday, October 10, 2004

Drugs from Canada, eh

Are you confused about this talk of "allowing re-importation" of drugs from Canada? So am I. Good thing for all of us that someone slightly less lazy and slightly more interested than me decided to look into the Canadian drug thing. (Actually, Jeff at was only energetic and interested enough to ask others to "spoon feed" the answers to him; more than I can say for myself!)

A long story made short:If you suspected that it's a stOOpid idea, your suspicions prove correct. It is a stOOpid idea. While this risky scheme, to borrow a phrase from Algore, might, might, lower costs of name brand drugs by 1% over the next decade, H.R. 2427 could also increase the cost of non-imported drugs by $1 billion in the first year alone. StOOpid!!

(Did I over use "stOOpid" in this post? Perhaps.)