Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Why Conservatives should be
spitting-mad at George W. Bush about Iraq and the UN

"They should be mad?" you're asking. Yup. And not for a
reason you'd expect. There are plenty of 'em who are mad; mostly mad
that the war hasn't already started. They're mad because the Bush
administration keeps trying to get the UN to give Saddam his actual
"last" chance. (i.e. one where "last" really does mean "last"!) But in
actuality, Bush isn't trying to give Saddam one last chance. He's
giving the UN one last chance.

And that 's what should be putting a
twist in any conservative's knickers!

George W. Bush is making a heroic effort to save the UN from itself.
He's trying to make it relevant. Most conservatives think, correctly I
should add, that the UN has been the "Unimportant Nations" for quite
some time. It has been America's liberals that have been keeping the
life support plugged in for all of these years. Now, when a
conservative has a chance to kick the plug out of the wall, he's
greasing up the paddles to give the ol' gal another shock or two.

Here's the way things stand in the UN. We're going to kick the snot
outta Iraq whether the UN's bureacrats like it or not. This is an issue
of America's national security. UN votes don't matter here. We cannot
allow the Baathists to provide weapons of mass destruction to our
enemies. Period. UNproductive babbling not withstanding, America will
attack Iraq. It's just the right thing to do. The UN style="font-style: italic;">should be standing by a member
nation who's under attack, namely us. They're not. They're standing
with Saddam, Osamma, and the other aggressors. They're on the wrong

Bush is trying to lead the UN back to the right path. He's giving them
a chance to do what's right. If they can be led back, then the UN will
have been brought back from the grave, something that most
conservatives agree is not a desirable outcome.
style="font-weight: bold;">