Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Talk radio is sorta like a primordial blog. Well, I did some primordial blogging this afternoon. I was a caller on the John & Ken Show at the end of the 5 o'clock hour.

The subject was President Bush whacking California's share of Federal aid for housing illegal aliens in the prison system. John was, predictably, fit to be tied at the development. I called to point out that there's really no political reason for Bush to go out of his way to spend money on the Golden State. We thumbed our noses at him "big time" in 2000. As I recall, he lost by roughly 1 million votes. He's gonna lose again this year. Spending Federal dollars on our prison system isn't going to win him any Electoral College votes out here. That money is going to go to "Red" States; not this bright Blue one!

Hey! What's this? Hmmm... It looks like a "blog".

Kinda looks familiar, now that I think about it...

...like I've seen it someplace before...

Oh... It's my blog.

Never mind.