Friday, October 25, 2002

Could the pundits have been anymore wrong about the Beltway Sniper? So tell us boys, where's that angry, white male y'all have been talking about? Hmmm???

Thus far, the only talking head I've seen who's admitted that they were all way off base on the suspect profile has been former LAPD detective Mark Furman. Furman has been working as a consultant for Fox News of late. As I recall, his exact comment was "Boy were we wrong!" Thus far, I've not seen any other pundit admit that the "angry, white male" stereotype was a load of hooey. Rush Limbaugh also claims that he's not heard any such comments. In fact, he stated on his radio show this morning that one talking head brushed past that issue and proclaimed the herd of pundits a "part of the investigation".