Thursday, February 27, 2003


FreeRepublic's down and now I can't get to the "backup" site on Yahoo.
FReeper SirFishalot reports that 9 "virtual protestors" at his workplace were let go yesterday for theft. These people were part of the so-called "virtual march" on Washington DC. It was really more of a DoS attack, though I'm not sure how successful it was.

(Yes, FreeRepublic is really sloooooow today. John says that he's looking into it.)

Long story short, these 9 people made hundreds of phone calls to Washington (~1200!), sent hundreds of FAXes and sent thousands of emails... all on company time! (And before you ask, SirFishalot is an independent contractor using his own laptop and a cellular modem. As he puts it, he's stealing from himself when he's online; not the company.) This company has a very plain, easily understood policy on the use of computers and phones for personal business: DON'T! They also make it clear to their employees that they monitor the usage of these systems.

Now these 9 have plenty of free time to participate in the pro-Saddam demonstrations!