Tuesday, September 25, 2007

'e's just resting'

This blog isn't dead. It's just pinin' for the fjords.

The Death of Blogs

The article makes an observation:
...What tired bloggers are increasingly discovering...is that it's not necessarily the quality of their blog posts that matter. It's matching their quality with frequency...
Which is true. No one wants to read pointless babbling, and trust me, I don't want to write any. (Not that I'm not good at inane babble; but, there's a time and a place for such things. Cheese threads on FreeRepublic are a fine example!) Sometimes, though, there's just not much that catches my fancy to write about. Believe me, I try to ferret out stuff to blog. Mostly, I do so for our NRA Members' Council website. I've found that fresh bloggery attracts new visitors better than anything else. The entire site suffers when I don't update the blog page for a day or two.

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