Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Gosh, Red, how should I vote today?

I'm glad that you asked! Here is Redcloak's California Voter Guide...
Governor: Duh... Vote for Simon!

Lt. Gov.: McPherson Opps... Make that the Libertarian candidate, Pat Wright. (McPherson's an anti-gun weenie!)

Sec. of State: Olberg (Look at it this way: Do you really want a Democrat
in charge of counting chads?)

Controller: McClintock (His Dem opponent was an economic advisor to
Jimmy Carter... 'Nuf said!)

Treasurer: Conlon

Attorney General: Ackerman!

Insurance Commissioner: Mendoza (Didn't we all vote to fire Garamendi
a few years back?)

Supreme Court Justice: Vote NO on Justice Moreno

On the ballot measures...

Prop. 46: It's a tax, vote NO!

Prop. 47: It's a tax, vote NO!

Prop. 48: No. (I don't see any good reason to amend the Constitution to elliminate
an "obsolete" court level. It would take another amendment to change our
minds later, should the need arise.)

Prop. 49: The "Aah-nold" Initiative. It's not a tax, but it may result in
the Legislature taking the "increase" in funds out of the existing school
budget for a net increase of zero. (This is a shell game they play all the
time, hence the pattern you may have noticed regarding the bond issues. The money never goes where they say it will. It's a scam!) Vote no.

Prop. 50: It's a tax, vote NO!

Prop. 51: Use the gas tax for car stuff? Sure! Vote Yes.

Prop. 52: The Voter Fraud Enablement Act, as I like to call it. Vote NO!

L.A. County...

Measure A:  It's a tax, vote NO!

Measure  B: It's a tax, vote NO!

L.A. Unified School District...

Measure K: It's a tax, vote NO!

The City of Los Angeles...

Measure F: Valley Secession...


Mayor of the new city: Richman

Measure H: Hollywood Secession...