Friday, May 30, 2008

It looks reddish...

The airlock's quiet so into the carboy it goes. The color looks good, despite my screw-up on the grain. It smells great. It's been ~24 hours since I racked it off and it's settling out nicely already. Maybe I can bottle in a week or two?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Another brew

Yesterday was another brew-day!

I started a batch of what I hope will be a nice Irish red ale. At the moment, I don't know enough to design my own recipes, so I'm using a kit recipe from the local HBS. (They give you a break on the price if you do the leg-work and gather up the fixin's.) The recipe, however, called for two varieties of hops that they don't have in stock. So I had to make some substitutions. I also accidentally substituted a grain variety due to me not paying attention. (Oops!) So, this could be an Irish-ish Red-ish Ale.

At any rate... It sure smells good right now!

I've gone through ¼-to-½ of the first batch. That was an English Pub Ale. It was good after two weeks and it's getting better with each passing day.