Friday, October 19, 2007

Leave it to Bill to over-engineer a simple task

Use DDT. Duh.

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MSMers get it wrong again

The editors at Al Reuters, gets their title muddled in Reid-Limbaugh spat raises $2.1 million for children. It was $4.2 million. Rush matched the winning bid, as the writer Thomas Ferraro gets correct toward the end of the article. But being as this is on Al Reuters, Ferraro just had to give the last word to one of Dingy Harry's spokesholes.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dingy Harry's gotta be p****d

SHOCKING BUT TRUE: MSM get one right!!

Earlier today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said that no MSM outlets other than Fox New were picking up on his eBay auction for the Dingy Harry smear letter. Well, now the story's starting to get some notice.

Over on, the OnPolitics blog mentions the story. What's surprising is that they get it right. They don't state that Rush called anti-war soldiers "phony soldiers". They simply say that he used those words. (And he did, to describe Jesse Macbeth.) Furthermore, the USAToday column gets it right in one of the links on that page. If you look at the page, you will see a link to a pdf of the letter. Note the file name: This is the original file name on Rush's site. They didn't make a change; they left it properly described as a smear.

Broken clocks perhaps? Let's hope that it's more than that.

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