Wednesday, November 22, 2006

CYA in the WOD

Capt. Ed has a pretty good summary of yet another drug raid gone bad.This time, our gallant Drug Warriors gunned down a 92 year old woman in Atlanta. Kathryn Johnson was the unfortunate homeowner who got to see her tax dollars at work. Police kicked in the woman's door after dark last night. She, however, didn't go without a fight. Apparently, Mrs. Johnson believed that she was being robbed. She cleared leather first and hit three officers before they killed her. Now the Atlanta PD sounds like Jon Lovitz as they search for a believable story. And as of yet, no drugs have been found in the house.

The story keeps changing on where and how the officers were hit. One story has them approaching the house, while another has them inside after their "dynamic entry". (That's what they call it when they kick you door in looking for drugs that you don't have.) Capt. Ed points out that blood spatter evidence should tell us which story is correct. (Betcha those Atlanta PD boys are hating the CSI franchise right about now!)

This incident is a little different than the usual War On Drugs nightmare. This time, the cops didn't stumble into the wrong house after misreading the warrant. They had the right address; but they were a bit too trusting of their informant.

So what does this have to do with you? Have you got anyone who's mad at you; nursing a grudge? Imagine the fun that would be had by giving your name to the local Drug Warriors! If all they need to get the ball rolling is an anonymous tip, then what's to stop someone from having a little fun at your expense?

...Especially when that "fun" might end in gunfire.

Vacation's over and the poke's run out

Well... I'm back on the mainland. It was fun while it lasted, but it didn't last long enough. We miss the poke already. The Big Save in Koloa has a great selection of different styles of poke. They were all ~$5.50 per pound. You can't get the ahi alone for that around here! I saw ahi for $16.00 per pound the other day. And we usually get sticker shock going the other way around; people complain about Hawaiian prices.