Saturday, June 22, 2002

This looks like fun.
Where does that Redcloak guy go on the weekends?!?  It's like he drops
off the end of the earth.

Well... Not quite. I don't think that Laguna Niguel counts as the end of the earth.

So how 'bout that Osama? He's released another video. OK... So it's a little reminiscent of the Onion's parody of Osama's "last warning". That's what makes the Onion piece so funny!

I just have one question: Who mans the 7-11 when he's off shooting videos?

Thursday, June 20, 2002

OK... so NYC emergency vehicles may not be a problem, but this is interesting. A Henderson Nevada man heard cross-talk on his cell phone in Arabic. And it just so happens that the man is Lebanese. What he heard were words like: "We are here at the City of Corruption, City of Prostitution, Gambling, Unbelievers. We are going to hit them in the day of freedom." They must not know that Nevada is a concealed carry state.
FReepers know how to recycle.
This isn't exactly new, but NYC authorities are reporting that emergency vehicles may be used by terrorists to infiltrate closed areas. This same warning was issued just after 9/11.

An update: The two guys mentioned in the story were found. They just wanted a used vehicle to use as a work truck.

I gotta do something about these colors.

(Assuming that I like this bloggy thingee...)
What? Another blog? At this rate, the add mass of all these blogs will increase the mass of the earth and send it plunging into the sun. (Well... Not really. It's the mass of all the back issues of National Geographic that will do that. But I digress...)

This is going to be mostly a list of news stories and opinions that I find interesting. A lot of it will be from I hang out there under the screen name, you guessed it, Redcloak.